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Webinar: How to Manage Your Local Node In A Global Workplace



Date/Time:  Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 5:00 to 6:00 pm ET

Presenter:  Pat Wagner of Siera.  Learn. Teach. Inspire

Organizers:  SLA NY and Solo Librarians Division


Divisions - Leadership and Management Division and Petroleum and Energy Resources Division

Chapters - Hudson Valley, North Carolina, Michigan, DC, Alabama, New England and San Francisco



You might live in Florida and commute to Georgia, but your work team is spread over the entire planet. If bosses, co-workers, employees, customers, and vendors live in different times zones, speak different languages, and need to communicate with different equipment and protocols, what does it mean to manage relationships and resources?


  • Introduction: The Communication Overhead Of Working At A Distance
  • The Key Idea: Even Small Enterprises Need More And Better Communication
  • Who Makes Decisions For The Entire Worknet, And How?
  • How To Establish Rapport And Goodwill
  • What Are The Expectations Of The Other Person And Their Office Or Team?
  • Evaluate Communication, Particularly During Project Deadlines: Is This Working?
  • Evaluate Technology At Least Once A Year: Is Everyone Upgrading Together?


  • Improve productivity among virtual co-workers
  • Coordinate communication to lower management costs.
  • Build positive workplace relationships even at a distance.


Webinar Fees:

$5 – Members of Solo Division and SLA NY

$5 – Members of Co-sponsoring Units:

- Divisions:  Leadership and Management and Petroleum and Energy Resources;

- Chapters:  Alabama, DC, Hudson Valley, Michigan, North Carolina, New England and San Francisco

$10 – SLA Members

$20 – Non-members


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