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Communications Committee Operating Procedures

 SLA-NY Communications Committee
Operating Procedures
Amy Sarola, Director of Communications

Guiding Principles

The SLA-NY Communications Committee is, first and foremost, a SERVICE group, led by the Director of Communications.

The Committee functions as the Chapter’s official voice to its members.

Overarching communications policies are set by the SLA-NY President, with input from the Director of Communications, as well as from the SLA-NY Executive Board, Advisory Council, and Communications Committee members, where appropriate.

What We Post

The Communications Committee distributes all SLA-NY announcements, including program and event notices; award solicitations and notifications; and articles/announcements/updates from the President,  Executive Board, and Committee Chairs.

The Committee no longer promotes notices of external, non-SLA-NY events (e.g., other NYC area information professional organizations, other SLA chapters and divisions) beyond listing them on a designated portion of the SLA-NY website (i) to ensure that SLA-NY events appear most prominently on SLA-NY media channels; (ii) to avoid oversaturation of the membership; and (iii) to keep workload volume manageable for Communication Committee members.

This policy does not prohibit individual SLA-NY members from commenting on such events via SLA-NY media outlets, provided that such commentary falls within the Chapter’s discussion guidelines.

Where We Post

The Communications Committee distributes announcements via the Chapter listserv, library school listservs, SLA- NY website, and social media sources ( LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter).

When We Post

Notices are posted to the Chapter Listserv and sent to Communications Committee members for distribution to all other media outlets within one business day of receipt. To avoid overwhelming SLA-NY members with Chapter notices, the Committee has imposed a limit of three announcements per day.  If requests for announcements exceed this cap on a given date, the notices will be queued up for distribution in the days following, in the order received.

Interacting With the Communications Committee

The SLA-NY Communications Committee is “one stop shopping” for Chapter leaders and event organizers seeking to have announcements distributed to the SLA-NY membership.

All announcements should be sent to the Director of Communications, who will format the notices into the SLA-NY template and send to Communications Committee members for coordinated distribution across all media channels.

For event notices, please include:

1.      Event name

2.      Names and SLA-NY Committee designations for organizers, presenters

3.      Date, Time, Location

4.      Cost, if any

5.      RSVP information

6.      Marketing narrative for the program

7.      Schedule of when you would like reminders sent out

Please note:

  • The Committee will send one “Save the Date” for a program for which all details have not yet been finalized. Subsequent notices will only be distributed when all of the information listed above has been received.
  • The Director of Communications will review all SLA-NY notices received with a “light touch” for spelling and grammatical errors.  The responsibility for correctness of information contained within notices for distribution lies with the author.  The Director of Communications will not make any material changes to a notice without the permission of the author.
  • Any inquiries received by Communications Committee members regarding specific programs (beyond confirmation of basic information set forth in the notice) will be forwarded to the event organizer/notice author for resolution.

For questions or comments, contact:

Amy Sarola