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The 2016 Ellis Mount Scholarship Award

The 2016 Ellis Mount Scholarship Award


Organized by the Scholarship Award Committee:
Daniel Barron, Sarah Davis Grover, Megan De Armond, Eric Dillalogue (Chair), and Hannah Sistrunk

Complete the 2016 Ellis Mount Scholarship application form here:

The Board of the New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA-NY) is pleased to once again offer the Ellis Mount Scholarship to SLA-NY Members enrolled in a Library and Information Management School.

This scholarship is in memory of our dear friend, colleague, and mentor, Ellis Mount (1921-2012). Ellis Mount was a former SLA-NY Chapter Member and an astute Professor at Columbia’s School of Library Service from 1964-1989. Ellis earned his Doctorate of Library Science at Columbia in 1979. During his career, he served as the Editor of the Sci-Tech Division of the SLA Newsletter and he was the recipient of the following SLA Awards – The Sci-Tech Division Achievement Award (1984), John Cotton Dana Award (1984), and SLA’s Hall of Fame (1991). Professor Mount was an author, co-author, and editor of many major works relating to the profession and he served as a consultant to libraries around the globe.

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is an international association of library and information services professionals offering members a variety of resources, such as professional development programs, career services, and an annual conference. SLA’s vision is to be known as the leading organization in the information industry, a catalyst in the development of the information economy, and a strategic partner in the emerging information society. The New York Chapter of SLA (SLA-NY) reflects the Big Apple’s prominence in communications, education, finance, healthcare, publishing, and the arts. The Chapter’s members work in a broad spectrum of New York metropolitan area-based businesses and nonprofit institutions. With 900 members, SLA-NY is one of the largest of the Association’s 56 chapters. The large size and great diversity of the New York Chapter make it a unique networking resource for its members.

Please review the rules below regarding the scholarship:

1) Description of the Scholarship Award

Scholarship awards are available to SLA-NY Chapter members who are enrolled in a Library and Information Management School.

The scholarship award recipient will receive an award of $1000 to use toward his/her library school tuition or associated costs during the 2016-17 academic year. The recipient will also be provided with free registration to the 2016 SLA-NY Conference & Expo.

2) Application Period

April 20, 2016 – July 31, 2016
No applications will be accepted past the stated deadline.

3) Guidelines

Applicants must be a member of the SLA-NY Chapter. (Not a member? Join here – Student membership is only $40.)

Applicants must submit the following:
– application form (
– resume
– unofficial transcripts
– 500-750 word essay on the topic: “Tell us about your ideal library job and how a professional organization like SLA would benefit you in the role”

The application form can be completed online. The resume and essay should be submitted via email to no later than July 31, 2016.

4) Conditions of Being Granted a Scholarship Award

All submission requests will be reviewed by the Scholarship Award Committee of the New York Chapter of SLA.

The award will be presented at the SLA-NY Annual Awards Meeting (Fall 2016) and attendance is required. The recipient will provide an article to the SLA-NY chapter publication, Bridge to Excellence (B2E), or present at a chapter meeting on a relevant topic related to their education or work experience.

5) Announcement of Scholarship Award Winners

The award recipient will be contacted via email and, once the scholarship is accepted, will be announced on the SLA-NY website and at the 2016 SLA-NY Annual Awards Meeting (date tbd).

The SLA-NY Chapter retains the right to use the name and/or any photograph images taken at the Awards presentation to promote and publicize this scholarship program and/or Chapter activities.

Email all materials and questions to

Complete the 2016 Ellis Mount Scholarship application form here:

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SLA NY leadership statement regarding moving SLA 2018 from North Carolina

SLA NY leadership statement regarding moving SLA 2018 from North Carolina


Dear Board Members,

Following last week’s open board meeting, the NY chapter wishes to thank the SLA Board for its careful consideration of all the ramifications regarding moving SLA 2018. It is wonderful to see a range of possible responses by SLA to the law in North Carolina discussed and considered thoughtfully. In the end, the SLA Board will need to make a decision based on the best information available by the voting deadline, an important component of which will be a dollar amount representing the total forecasted loss of members and exhibitors if SLA holds its 2018 conference in North Carolina. The immediate loss of $60,000 needs to be weighed against this potential loss quantified by SLA’s staff and we are confident you will consider this in your decision.

Moreover, we think that the SLA Board needs to return to what the point of the SLA conference actually is.

In addition to being a major revenue generator for the association (which may be jeopardized by remaining in North Carolina for reasons discussed elsewhere), it is our understanding that the purpose of SLA’s conference is to bring members together in a safe and productive space for a time of learning and networking.

At present North Carolina simply doesn’t work for this. A significant minority of our members may be actively threatened by visiting that state, as whatever affirmative action SLA chooses to support within the confines of the conference venue, they have little or no control over what happens outside. Still more members may be prohibited from attending by their workplace’s policies, and others will choose to stay away because of their strong personal feelings about the issue. This isn’t a good situation for anyone.

The concept of combating discrimination by “moving toward it with compassionate presence” (from the South Carolina’s board statement published to the leadership list) is a possible choice that individuals can make, but we don’t believe that this choice under the unique circumstances presented here is either the fiscally prudent one when weighing the possible financial loss to SLA in 2018 nor does it take into account the dangers potentially facing members who protest in this way.

As was mentioned on the April 13th SLA Board call, SLA members are not freedom fighters. This is a conference, not a protest march. We would encourage SLA to consider how to support members who live and work under such abhorrent legislation, but we don’t believe that the conference is the appropriate vehicle for achieving this.

In summary, we urge the SLA Board when considering all the options regarding the location of SLA 2018, to weigh the immediate loss of $60,000 against a potential far greater loss in 2018, as well as the safety of all SLA members.

We also hope that the SLA Board will look for an alternate 2018 conference location that North Carolina and South Carolina chapter members will be able to travel to quickly and easily so that as many SLA members as possible will be able to attend SLA  2018.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Board of the NY Chapter by,

Emma Davidson, President

Nicole Dupras, President-Elect

Marcy Winkler, Past President

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**CANCELLED ** Downtown and Midtown Networking Dinner

**CANCELLED ** Downtown and Midtown Networking Dinner


Due to low attendance, the Downtown and Midtown Networking Dinner at North Square Restaurant on April 18, 2016 has been CANCELLED. Those who are currently registered will soon be contacted by the event organizers, Nick Collison and Dorothy Nelsen-Gille for a full refund.

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SLA 2018 and North Carolina: a statement from the New York chapter board and advisory council

Dear members,

You will probably already have read the press release from Tom Rink regarding the recent discriminatory legislation passed in North Carolina and the fact that SLA had previously agreed to hold the 2018 conference in that state. We were delighted to read that SLA’s Board is currently reviewing this situation, and we would like to extend our support and encouragement to them as they work towards a resolution.

The New York chapter leadership feels very strongly that SLA should pull out of this agreement and seek a new venue for this event, regardless of cost. We commend the Board for their prompt action so far, and trust that they will continue to do the right thing with regard to this important issue. We have prepared the following statement of our position, and wanted to share this with you.

SLA is an organization that embraces diversity and is inclusive of all. It is offensive to hold our conference in a state where legislation that discriminates against the LGBT community was passed. We do not fault the SLA board for their initial selection of North Carolina for the 2018 conference, and appreciate that this decision was made before the discriminatory law was passed. We recognize that is challenging to anticipate the political climate when arranging conferences. Although it is true that the law may be overturned, unfortunately we can not assume that this will indeed happen and in fact through our actions we may play a part in influencing the outcome.We understand that current conference plans are locked in years in advance due to a contract with Experient, but we are over two years in advance of the 2018 conference. We have asked the SLA Board to direct Erin Fuller and her staff to meet with Experient as soon as possible and to enter into a negotiation to change the location of the SLA 2018 conference as well as to minimize any financial penalties incurred. We also asked that the results of the negotiations with Experient be shared with the SLA Board as well as the general membership.Experient’s website lists the company’s core values. You can find them at this link – Two of Experient’s core values are particularly relevant here: “Always do the right thing” and to “embrace and encourage change”. Let’s give Experient the opportunity to show SLA how they embody these core values.

In response to the potential argument that SLA is in financial difficulties and cannot afford to pay a financial penalty for taking the high road at this time, we feel that SLA stands to lose more financially by holding the conference in North Carolina than moving it due to negative publicity, member fallout, and potential vendor cancellations.

We note that SLA’s Anti-harassment policy regarding professional participation at SLA events (see link below) states that SLA is “committed to providing a safe and equal space for professional participation for all of our members, partners and event attendees. We believe that everyone has the right to professional interaction without fear, intimidation, or belittlement, and that everyone has the right to fair and equal participation and treatment.”  The right to freedom of gender identity and expression are explicitly listed in this policy:

As Jill Strand, SLA Past President said throughout last year “we are all one SLA”. Let’s stand together in support of each SLA member’s rights and dignity. What diminishes one, diminishes all.

Marcy Winkler, Past-President
Emma Davidson, President
Nicole Dupras, President-Elect
Kelly Johnson, Treasurer
Rita Ormsby, Secretary
Melissa Heide, Communications Chair
Tom Eikenbrod, Professional Development Chair
Jared Camins-Esakov, Professional Development Co-Chair
Lisa Lopez-Terrones, Diversity Co-Chair
Clara Cabrera, Diversity Co-Chair
Vida Cohen, Hospitality Chair
Daniel Barron, Student Liaison Officer and Editor, B2E
Helen Sobolik, Editor, B2E
Dorothy Nelson-Gille, Event Planner
Megan DeArmond, 2016 Board Mentee

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2014 SLA NY Chapter Award Winners

The SLA NY Awards Committee is pleased to
announce the 2014 SLA NY Chapter Award Winners!

The Mergent Distinguished Service Award: Tom Nielsen

The Mergent Distinguished Service Award serves to recognize members of the New York Chapter who have a track record of long service to the Chapter and also to the Association.

Tom Nielsen has been an essential partner to SLA NY’s professional development endeavors for many years, working most recently as co-chair of the Professional Development committee. Tom works to advance the capability and resourcefulness of his fellow chapter members by planning and executing excellent webinars and in-person events. Always on the lookout for trends in the field, Tom ensures that each and every member of our chapter has the tools they need to find work in the field or excel in the position they already have.  Tom takes the time to listen to each member of our community, and always puts the needs of SLA NY members first.


The Mergent Outstanding Achievement Award: Diversity Committee, Clara Cabrera & Lisa Lopez, co-chairs

The Mergent Outstanding Achievement Award is presented to members of the New York Chapter to recognize recent outstanding work on specific projects and activities (within approximately the last two years). The Outstanding Achievement Award can be given to one person or to  a group of people who worked together on a project.

The Diversity Committee, headed by Clara Cabrera, has demonstrated remarkable resourcefulness in putting together fun, entertaining, and educational programs for SLA NY members. The research each committee member puts behind her events is inspiring.  The Diversity Committee brings new and seasoned chapter members together for free events, a feat in and of itself.  Together, Clara and Lisa have revived this committee and helped it reach its full potential.  They ensure that diversity programming remains the important endeavor for the NY chapter that it should be.


The Dana Gordon Award: B2E Chapter Newsletter board, Rachel Finn, Chris Lillis Meatto & Helen Sobolik

The Dana Gordon Innovation Award was approved by the SLA NY Executive Board in 2012 to honor the memory of Dana Gordon.

Dana Gordon was a long-standing SLA NY and SLA News Division member.  Dana, a consummate professional, was well known for her expertise, creative talent, and enterprising spirit.  Dana’s professionalism was rivaled only by her tremendous enthusiasm for the profession and her generosity in sharing her great store of knowledge with colleagues, staff and students.

The award truly celebrates Dana’s sense of innovation by allowing for a broad range of nominees each year. The award itself would evolve with the times by being available as recognition to:

  • Individual SLA NY Chapter members who have consistently developed innovative and groundbreaking initiatives in their career or as a volunteer of SLA NY
  • SLA NY Committees (and all members thereof) which have created initiatives that break new ground for the chapter and the profession
  • Academic professionals who’ve served as a mentor to both peers and students, and/or developed new information-related curriculum and practices
  • Vendors offering trend-setting services, products, or expertise
  • Professionals in adjunct fields whose ideas and actions further the goals of the chapter and the profession

2014 has been a year of ups and downs for the chapter but one new initiative is proving to be a shining star and that is the revamped chapter newsletter, B2E.  The editorial board has completed two issues so far and both have been impressive.  The articles are timely and informative, focusing on current professional issues like metadata, UX, zine libraries and interviews with chapter members.  Additionally, article topics appeal to our diverse membership, such as Leigh Hallingby’s article on Social Security, Ellis Mount scholarship recipient, Rachel Finn’s report on her Rare Books class, and Kristina Billelo’s survey of online learning opportunities.  And the fact that there are thirteen contributors listed means that members are engaged enough to write an article and participate in the success of this new initiative.  When a chapter program showcases the professional issues members care about, highlights the work of members and engages members into participating, that program has demonstrated a solid foundation to be successful.  We look forward to enjoying the future work of the B2E Editorial Board.


The President’s Award:  Agnes Mattis

The President’s Award recognizes members of the New York Chapter for outstanding contributions to SLA and/or for professional excellence.

Agnes Mattis has served the chapter in many different roles over the years including President of the chapter.  She took her current role as secretary as a favor to the President.  She has proved herself time and again as being indispensable to the President, board and chapter as a whole whether it is providing history and structure to board meetings, serving as a mentor to newer individuals serving on both the board and advisory council and providing space for the annual meeting and other SLA NY events for many years.  We don’t know where we would be without her.


SLA NY Awards Committee

Janet Peros, Chair, Matt Brown, Meredith Brown, Stacey Pilson

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SLA Logo

Summary of Consultants Recommendations Report

SLA Logo



UPDATE: Please listen to the SLA Town Hall Recording or check out the Notes from SLA Town Hall.


To All SLA NY Chapter Members – Currently, SLA is facing a serious financial situation at a national level. A steady decline in membership and revenues over the past few years has placed the future of the organization in jeopardy. The national Board engaged change consultants who have recently published a report (see attached) to provide recommendations for the future strategic direction of SLA. You can also find the full report without needing a login at the link below:

Below is a summary of the consultants’ Recommendations Report (although we encourage you to read all 49 pages for yourself in your free time!). Please note that the Consultants’ report is a recommendation to the board. The board must vote and pass the recommendations at a Special Board meeting on June 24th. The SLA NY chapter has a limited period of time between now and June 16th at 5:00pm (the cut-off period for the board to receive comments) to communicate to the SLA national board the interests of the NY chapter. At the end of this email is a summary of next steps for chapter leadership and for you as an individual member.

Consultants’ Recommendations Report Summary: Centralize educational, sponsorship and networking opportunities as much as possible so that SLA functions as one association rather than as individual chapters and divisions acting independently most of the time (see Area IV – Key Strategy 1 on p. 5).

Key proposals & the impact of the proposed recommendations affecting NY chapter members are listed below with section and page reference numbers. Please note that the recommendations are proposed to be implemented as a package.



  • Chapter Finances


  • 7.2.a.2 Terminate annual allotments to units (p. 35)
  • 7.1 (p. 34) & 7.5 Assess up to 40% of chapter funds (p. 37)
  • 3.1.3 Sponsorship is centralized at the SLA HQ level and revenue shared 50/50 with chapter and SLA HQ only when unit contributes to successful conclusion of a sponsorship agreement (pp. 9 & 35).

Potential Impact:

  • The Chapter’s annual operating budget will be severely curtailed. It is unclear how social / conversational / networking type programming will be funded along with any financial grants to members such as scholarships and awards. We do not know how business partners feel about this arrangement.



  • Chapter Education & Networking Events


  • 4.1 Centralized provision of educational content by SLA HQ (pp. 13-14)

Potential Impact:

  • The Chapter’s role as a provider of educational programs will be removed or reduced. Large and expensive programs like SLA NY’s annual conference may discontinue, and it is unclear what role the chapter would play in providing educational programming.



Chapter Representation at the SLA Board level


  • 6.1.e.2  Reduce the Board’s size by sunsetting the cabinet roles (p. 29)

Potential Impact:

  • Less or no representation for the Chapters and Divisions at Board level, with potentially fewer opportunities for sharing ideas and knowledge, especially local innovations, between units.


Below is a link to a brief survey with a deadline of Tuesday, June 2nd to find out how you, as a SLA and SLA NY chapter member feel about key recommendations in the report affecting the NY chapter.


Next steps for chapter leadership and for you as an individual member:

  • Chapter leadership will submit questions in advance to the May 27th Town Hall meeting. Emma Davidson SLA-NY President-Elect will send notes to the membership after the meeting.
  • Survey results will inform chapter leadership comments to the SLA National Secretary, who will share them with the SLA National Board. Comments will also be used to create SLA NY chapter talking points for conversations with SLA National Board members at SLA Boston in June. We will share these talking points with the chapter in advance, and NY chapter members are encouraged to use them when speaking to SLA national leadership.
  • At SLA Boston, SLA NY chapter leadership will attend the Open Session Board meeting on Saturday June 13th as well as the Business Meeting on Tuesday June 16th at 5pm. These events will be summarized for chapter members.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to Marcy Winkler, SLA NY Chapter President, Emma Davidson SLA NY Chapter President-Elect, as well as to any of the chapter Executive Board members. Our contact information is listed below and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. And please join the discussion via social media on Twitter at hashtag #SLANewYork.


Marcy Winkler, President

Emma Davidson, President-Elect

Kara Masciangelo, Treasurer

Tom Nielsen, Professional Development

Helen Sobolik, Secretary

Nicole Dupras, Communications Chair

Nick Collison, Past President

Sarah Davis, Mentee

Jeanine McPartlin, Mentee

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