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SLA Connect – SLA’s New Online Community

SLA Connect – SLA’s New Online Community



SLA Connect is a new online community for SLA members. It’s where we will be sharing New York chapter news and event announcements. If you want to stay in the know, you’ll need to set up email notifications for the New York community.

Here’s how you can do that:

–       Log in with your SLA credentials
–       Select “My Communities” from the Communities drop-down (in the grey navigation bar)
–       Select “New York.” It will appear if you’re a chapter member
–       Click the Settings cog and switch your email notifications to “Daily Digest”

If you’re not a member of the New York chapter, we still want to keep in touch. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or you can join our LinkedIn group. You can also email  and ask to be added to our Chapter Events Newsletter.

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SLA NY Managers Round Table Discussion Group

SLA NY Managers Round Table Discussion Group

Event organizers: Marcy Winkler

Date of event: Friday June 17th

Time of event : 8-9am

Come to the June SLA NY Managers round table discussion group for chapter members currently in management positions. This group will provide an informal network for participants to seek advice and share best practices with their peers.

Location of event: Financier Patisserie, 35 Cedar Street at 10 Liberty Plaza, between Pearl and William.
Near Fulton Street stops of the A, C and Wall Street stop of the 2, 3,4 or 5 subway lines.

Cost for event is free, but members must pay for their own breakfast.

Register Now!


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The 2016 Ellis Mount Scholarship Award

The 2016 Ellis Mount Scholarship Award


Organized by the Scholarship Award Committee:
Daniel Barron, Sarah Davis Grover, Megan De Armond, Eric Dillalogue (Chair), and Hannah Sistrunk

Complete the 2016 Ellis Mount Scholarship application form here:

The Board of the New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA-NY) is pleased to once again offer the Ellis Mount Scholarship to SLA-NY Members enrolled in a Library and Information Management School.

This scholarship is in memory of our dear friend, colleague, and mentor, Ellis Mount (1921-2012). Ellis Mount was a former SLA-NY Chapter Member and an astute Professor at Columbia’s School of Library Service from 1964-1989. Ellis earned his Doctorate of Library Science at Columbia in 1979. During his career, he served as the Editor of the Sci-Tech Division of the SLA Newsletter and he was the recipient of the following SLA Awards – The Sci-Tech Division Achievement Award (1984), John Cotton Dana Award (1984), and SLA’s Hall of Fame (1991). Professor Mount was an author, co-author, and editor of many major works relating to the profession and he served as a consultant to libraries around the globe.

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is an international association of library and information services professionals offering members a variety of resources, such as professional development programs, career services, and an annual conference. SLA’s vision is to be known as the leading organization in the information industry, a catalyst in the development of the information economy, and a strategic partner in the emerging information society. The New York Chapter of SLA (SLA-NY) reflects the Big Apple’s prominence in communications, education, finance, healthcare, publishing, and the arts. The Chapter’s members work in a broad spectrum of New York metropolitan area-based businesses and nonprofit institutions. With 900 members, SLA-NY is one of the largest of the Association’s 56 chapters. The large size and great diversity of the New York Chapter make it a unique networking resource for its members.

Please review the rules below regarding the scholarship:

1) Description of the Scholarship Award

Scholarship awards are available to SLA-NY Chapter members who are enrolled in a Library and Information Management School.

The scholarship award recipient will receive an award of $1000 to use toward his/her library school tuition or associated costs during the 2016-17 academic year. The recipient will also be provided with free registration to the 2016 SLA-NY Conference & Expo.

2) Application Period

April 20, 2016 – July 31, 2016
No applications will be accepted past the stated deadline.

3) Guidelines

Applicants must be a member of the SLA-NY Chapter. (Not a member? Join here – Student membership is only $40.)

Applicants must submit the following:
– application form (
– resume
– unofficial transcripts
– 500-750 word essay on the topic: “Tell us about your ideal library job and how a professional organization like SLA would benefit you in the role”

The application form can be completed online. The resume and essay should be submitted via email to no later than July 31, 2016.

4) Conditions of Being Granted a Scholarship Award

All submission requests will be reviewed by the Scholarship Award Committee of the New York Chapter of SLA.

The award will be presented at the SLA-NY Annual Awards Meeting (Fall 2016) and attendance is required. The recipient will provide an article to the SLA-NY chapter publication, Bridge to Excellence (B2E), or present at a chapter meeting on a relevant topic related to their education or work experience.

5) Announcement of Scholarship Award Winners

The award recipient will be contacted via email and, once the scholarship is accepted, will be announced on the SLA-NY website and at the 2016 SLA-NY Annual Awards Meeting (date tbd).

The SLA-NY Chapter retains the right to use the name and/or any photograph images taken at the Awards presentation to promote and publicize this scholarship program and/or Chapter activities.

Email all materials and questions to

Complete the 2016 Ellis Mount Scholarship application form here:

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SLA NY leadership statement regarding moving SLA 2018 from North Carolina

SLA NY leadership statement regarding moving SLA 2018 from North Carolina


Dear Board Members,

Following last week’s open board meeting, the NY chapter wishes to thank the SLA Board for its careful consideration of all the ramifications regarding moving SLA 2018. It is wonderful to see a range of possible responses by SLA to the law in North Carolina discussed and considered thoughtfully. In the end, the SLA Board will need to make a decision based on the best information available by the voting deadline, an important component of which will be a dollar amount representing the total forecasted loss of members and exhibitors if SLA holds its 2018 conference in North Carolina. The immediate loss of $60,000 needs to be weighed against this potential loss quantified by SLA’s staff and we are confident you will consider this in your decision.

Moreover, we think that the SLA Board needs to return to what the point of the SLA conference actually is.

In addition to being a major revenue generator for the association (which may be jeopardized by remaining in North Carolina for reasons discussed elsewhere), it is our understanding that the purpose of SLA’s conference is to bring members together in a safe and productive space for a time of learning and networking.

At present North Carolina simply doesn’t work for this. A significant minority of our members may be actively threatened by visiting that state, as whatever affirmative action SLA chooses to support within the confines of the conference venue, they have little or no control over what happens outside. Still more members may be prohibited from attending by their workplace’s policies, and others will choose to stay away because of their strong personal feelings about the issue. This isn’t a good situation for anyone.

The concept of combating discrimination by “moving toward it with compassionate presence” (from the South Carolina’s board statement published to the leadership list) is a possible choice that individuals can make, but we don’t believe that this choice under the unique circumstances presented here is either the fiscally prudent one when weighing the possible financial loss to SLA in 2018 nor does it take into account the dangers potentially facing members who protest in this way.

As was mentioned on the April 13th SLA Board call, SLA members are not freedom fighters. This is a conference, not a protest march. We would encourage SLA to consider how to support members who live and work under such abhorrent legislation, but we don’t believe that the conference is the appropriate vehicle for achieving this.

In summary, we urge the SLA Board when considering all the options regarding the location of SLA 2018, to weigh the immediate loss of $60,000 against a potential far greater loss in 2018, as well as the safety of all SLA members.

We also hope that the SLA Board will look for an alternate 2018 conference location that North Carolina and South Carolina chapter members will be able to travel to quickly and easily so that as many SLA members as possible will be able to attend SLA  2018.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Board of the NY Chapter by,

Emma Davidson, President

Nicole Dupras, President-Elect

Marcy Winkler, Past President

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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

John Ganly April 11 1936 -  April 5 2016

John Ganly
April 11 1936 –
April 5 2016

John Ganly, most recently retired as Assistant Director of the Science Industry and Business Library of NYPL died earlier this month. John led a life of professional innovation during his 37 years at NYPL and touched thousands of professional lives throughout his career. He was a librarian in the true sense of the calling as he was responsible for collection development both in print and electronic resources. His   deep belief in democracy and the power of information paired with his innate practicality made him the consummate information professional. Among his feats using his great powers of persuasion were to establish research services to both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in 1992 and 2004, organizing one of the most successful job fairs and job conferences at SIBL during the recent economic recession and the seduction of all of Madison Avenue to congratulate itself on an annual basis by supporting huge displays at SIBL (does not SIBL sit on Madison Ave?) documenting the history and the current achievements of the industry. John loved so many things- he loved the profession, culture both popular and classical, politics and a good story. John was a New Yorker and was as likely to quote Dorothy Day as Dorothy Parker.

Active in the American Library Association, most notably in BRASS which bestowed on him the Gale Research Award for Excellence in Business Librarianship, John also served as Chair of SLA’s Business & Finance division and received the SLA Hall of Fame Award in 2010.

He was at the heart of the New York Chapter in leading the efforts to honor those information professionals who lost their lives during September 11th 2001 with a tombstone in the New York Times and helping to organize a memorial program. John was also instrumental in the Chapters efforts to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2009.

John authored two reference works, wrote dozens of articles and collaborated on many more. Most recently, he finished his first novel CELTIC CROSSINGS which was published in 2014. A friend to students everywhere and of all ages, John was an adjunct professor at Rutgers University providing hundreds of students guidance and instruction. Students were not the only recipients of his attention, support and encouragement – many a wonderful idea was planted, nurtured and blossomed in many of us just because of John’s faith.

John won’t merely be missed, many of us will find it hard for a while to not look for him at meetings or lunches or the theater. Please join us in celebrating this life. You may use the comments box below if you have memories of John which you would like to share.

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Call for Participants: Diversity Panel on Financial Literacy

Call for Participants: Diversity Panel on Financial Literacy


The New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association

proudly presents…

Call for Participants:

Diversity Panel on Financial Literacy 


Organized by SLA-NY’s Diversity Committee

In honor of Financial Literacy Week (April 23-30), SLA-NY’s Diversity Committee will host a financial literacy event for information professionals entitled, “The Financially Savvy Librarian.”

Our goal is to inform and empower our community with the financial and life planning tools necessary to successfully navigate the unique challenges faced by information professionals throughout all stages of our careers.

We’re offering members of our community who belong to one of the following career stages an opportunity to participate on the panel and benefit from this program:

Students/Recent Grads

First Five Years (entry level)

Executive/Management level

Midlife Career Change/Retiree

If you are in any of these career phases, please join us in making this event a success by participating.  For additional information, please contact Clara Cabrera at nycworkerbee[at]

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