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Call for Participants: Diversity Panel on Financial Literacy

Call for Participants: Diversity Panel on Financial Literacy


The New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association

proudly presents…

Call for Participants:

Diversity Panel on Financial Literacy 


Organized by SLA-NY’s Diversity Committee

In honor of Financial Literacy Week (April 23-30), SLA-NY’s Diversity Committee will host a financial literacy event for information professionals entitled, “The Financially Savvy Librarian.”

Our goal is to inform and empower our community with the financial and life planning tools necessary to successfully navigate the unique challenges faced by information professionals throughout all stages of our careers.

We’re offering members of our community who belong to one of the following career stages an opportunity to participate on the panel and benefit from this program:

Students/Recent Grads

First Five Years (entry level)

Executive/Management level

Midlife Career Change/Retiree

If you are in any of these career phases, please join us in making this event a success by participating.  For additional information, please contact Clara Cabrera at nycworkerbee[at]

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Send Your Nominations for the Dana Gordon Librarian of the Year Award

Send Your Nominations for the Dana Gordon Librarian of the Year Award


It’s time everybody – send in your nominations by Sept 30. to the SLA-NY Awards Committee for the Dana Gordon Librarian of the Year Award.

Do you know a librarian who deserves special recognition this year? Then the Awards Committee wants to hear from you!

Who lights the way for patrons and colleagues? Tell us about a librarian you know who’s shown exceptional leadership, creativity, and innovation this year.

Or…talk to us about a library that’s doing interesting, groundbreaking work in their profession or community. We want to build a diverse range of nominees, regardless of SLA or SLY-NY membership.

Who’s Eligible? Any professional librarian or knowledge manager in any type of library anywhere in New York City or Long Island is eligible. “Professional” means a person with an advanced degree in Library or Information Science, or someone holding a position designated “professional” in a library or library service. Current employment is not a requirement – the person can be recently retired, between positions, or involved in volunteer, mentor, or advisory roles.

Examples of winning achievements can include but are not limited to:

  • Exceptional leadership or mentorship to other information professionals
  • Creation of innovative services
  • Building, rebuilding, and/or strengthening a library’s role in a community or organization
  • Inspired promotion of the library’s resources and services
  • Or any other relevant, unique contributions

Submissions for Dana Gordon Librarian of the Year are welcome from the entire profession, as well as from colleagues, board members, students, vendors, academic professionals. Nominations can be short and sweet – name the candidate and describe in 500 words (or less) why the nominee s deserving. Previous nominees and winners of SLA-NY awards are eligible.

Please contact with your suggestions and referrals

The Dana Gordon Innovation Award

The Dana Gordon Innovation Award was approved by the SLA NY Executive Board in 2012 to honor the memory of Dana Gordon.

Dana Gordon was a long-standing SLA NY and SLA News Division member.  Dana, a consummate professional, was well known for her expertise, creative talent, and enterprising spirit.  Dana’s professionalism was rivaled only by her tremendous enthusiasm for the profession and her generosity in sharing her great store of knowledge with colleagues, staff and students.





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Midtown Executive Club Memberships

Midtown Executive Club Memberships

SLA NY has spots for a limited number of chapter members to have the opportunity to join Midtown Executive Club (MEC) for a 1 year membership through SLA NY at a discount price of $75.00 (regularly $550). Conveniently located near Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Theater District and Grand Central Station take advantage of your membership to have a drink at the bar, a meal or a place to hold meetings or unwind. Benefits include:
  • Exceptionally priced hotel rooms at 17 Club Quarters throughout the United States and London
  • Private Club Room with complimentary refreshments and newspapers
  • Versatile meeting/event space
  • Great dining at reasonable prices
  • Computer workstations with high-speed Internet access and network printing

Register Today!

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Member Comment Deadline Extended

Member Comment Deadline Extended

SLA Logo

Hi all – I wanted to let SLA NY chapter members know that the SLA board has been receptive to the unit and member comments regarding the consultant recommendations report and has revised the board timeline to respond to and vote on the report as described below.
Revised timeline:
Tuesday June 23rd  11:59pm EST is the new deadline for comments. Although the chapter has responded, I encourage you to send any individual comments to .
Wednesday June 24th is a SLA board strategy session to process comments and examine all feedback.
– Before the July 8th SLA open board meeting the agenda and recommendations will be made available to all SLA members;
Wednesday July 8th is an open SLA board meeting where the consultant recommendations report will be voted on for receipt. There will be a Gotowebinar with up to 500 participants and you will need to register if you would like to listen in.
According to SLA President Jill Strand, if the SLA board votes to receive the consultant recommendations report the implementation would involve members and units.
Warm regards,
SLA NY President


From the SLA Board:
Yesterday during the cabinet meetings, unit leaders passed a motion recommending that the SLA Board extend the period for receiving member comments on the Succeed. Lead. Advance. recommendations report. The board held a special meeting and voted to extend the comment period to June 23, 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Please continue to send your comments to and encourage your members to do the same. Of course, if you are at the conference, you can also talk to any board members in person and make comments during today’s annual business meeting.

Tara Murray

SLA Secretary

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SLA NY Chapter Response to Consultants’ Recommendations Report

SLA NY Chapter Response to Consultants’ Recommendations Report


SLA NY Chapter Response to Consultants’ Recommendations Report

June 10, 2015

We support change! To quote John F. Kennedy: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” We understand the serious issues facing SLA and that the organization’s survival is at stake. We believe that many of the recommendations in the consultants’ report are valuable. We also acknowledge that the recommendations are to provide a top-level strategic direction and that the details will be worked out in the implementation. However, we feel strongly that the chapters and divisions should function as a laboratory for programming and networking event innovation, while maintaining a clearly defined representation at the international level and the opportunity to pursue sponsorship at the local level. We present our recommendations below in the spirit of sharing our views with the International Board and promoting alternative suggestions.

We have read carefully the consultants’ recommendations report, submitted questions to and dialed into the Town Hall meeting, reached out to and surveyed NY Chapter members, and met with the SLA NY Board and Advisory Council.

We are concerned that the consultants’ recommendations are dependent on a headquarters that can provide quality programming to all members. This first requires the funding to revise SLA’s outdated technology, followed by hiring qualified individuals to create programming. We would like to know the projected cost of these actions that are required for any of the recommendations to be effectively implemented. Will the money raised by the consultants’ recommendations be enough to make those changes? (See Section 4 paragraph 3 on p. 13).

Area IV – Organization Review: We propose to construct SLA as one association, with an equal role for headquarters and active units. Chapters and divisions would function as a laboratory for programming and networking event innovation. One of several ways for the SLA Board to achieve this goal is by adopting the model used by AALL, MLA, and ARLIS, which offer membership at both the international and local levels.

“It is [certainly] time to reconsider how SLA units function and how they might best contribute broader value for all members.” (See Section 6.2.a bullet 6 on p. 29.).

SLA NY realizes that it has many advantages that smaller units do not have. It shares those advantages through programming collaborations both online and in person, and these collaborations often lead to replicable, innovative programs. We would like to see this sort of collaborative work emphasized across all units. Units can act as sandboxes, similar to how states act in relation to other states and the federal government. For example, we propose that headquarters pay for larger unit events to be streamed live to all interested geographies. This would allow SLA members to participate in the event by submitting questions to a moderator via Twitter or other suitable online platform, which would make the events interactive and not static.

We do agree that volunteer efforts should be concentrated “on high quality professional development, networking & collaboration rather than on the administration of unit operations” (See section 6.1 on p. 24). If there are chapters that are struggling, we agree that they should be folded into caucuses or other chapters (See section 6.1.b bullet 2 on p. 27). We propose a change to the SLA bylaws that if a chapter or other unit membership goes below a certain number (number to be determined), the unit would be disbanded and any remaining unit funds would be disbursed to the unit that absorbs them or to SLA Headquarters. This would free up headquarters staff to focus on creating value for all SLA members as the consultants recommend. In addition, this would allow headquarters to give allotments to the units that remain, as it would be far less difficult and time consuming to administer.

We believe that a strong member affiliation with a unit (when one is conveniently located) as well as with the larger SLA entity provides the most benefit to the individual SLA member. For members, networking is best when it comes from the place where people live, work, and seek employment.

We believe that maintaining a strong unit also provides chapter members with the opportunity for professional development. The opportunity to participate in local unit governance, manage a budget, et cetera, fills in gaps in training and experience that many information professionals are not receiving in their workplace.

Moreover, we believe that independent conferences do not detract from annual conference attendance (see p. 30) but rather enable people who cannot attend the international conference to go for a half or full day to a local conference that provides the educational and networking opportunities they wish to participate in. We propose that SLA fund local conferences such as the SLA NY Conference & Expo and replicate this model in other major metropolitan areas throughout the country. The vast majority of our chapter members are unable to attend SLA Boston (despite close proximity to New York City) due to employers not paying for attendance, travel, and hotel, in addition to the inability to take multiple days off from work.

The majority of members of the NY Chapter want more local events, not fewer, as evidenced by these quotes received from our surveys: “The local events are THE major positive point in my membership. If this is significantly reduced, I don’t know if there would be reason to maintain my membership.”

“It is imperative that chapters be able to make their own decisions regarding programs and events. No one knows its members better or understands its needs like chapters. Each chapter is unique, the job markets are different and the needs of the members can be generic to a region or state.”

Regarding the consultants’ recommendation to sunset cabinet roles and require that units needing assistance approach headquarters or reach the Board via the Secretary (see section 6.1.e bullet point 2 on p.28), we feel that units need an official cabinet role where their voices are heard and included in the governing process. Without a participating cabinet role, the Board will be isolated from unit concerns and member needs. We understand the need for the Board to be streamlined to improve agility, but the role of units must remain in the decision-making process; we cannot leave the nuances of this to be worked out in implementation. To quote from our chapter survey, “I agree we need to do something drastic at the international level but think the chapters and divisions should have representation.” A possible solution to this issue would be to replicate the chapter governance model, where a small executive board is supported by a larger advisory council.

Area I  – Business Partnerships & Area V: Revenue Model and Financial Review – We propose an event franchising model where if a chapter or other unit creates an event that is successful and is duplicated in other geographies, that chapter or unit would receive a fee as its programs are adopted elsewhere.

  • A franchise model for sharing revenue obtained by sponsorship (See section 3.1 bullet point 3 on p. 9) presupposes a strong and successful business model and brand that the franchisee pays for the right to use. We propose a new SLA event franchising model where if a chapter or other unit creates an event that is successful and is duplicated in other geographies, that chapter or unit would receive a fee as its programs are adopted elsewhere. In order to allow that first innovation to occur, we propose an SLA “Shark Tank” where members, chapters, and divisions can present their ideas and get their first event funded.

In addition, regarding sponsorship we do support establishing an association-wide centralized process for obtaining revenues from business partners. However, this centralized sponsorship process should exist only for the largest suppliers to the information profession—those that operate on a national or global level (e.g., Thomson Reuters or LexisNexis). We also support establishing a revenue-sharing model with units that contribute to the successful conclusion of a sponsorship agreement (See section 7.2.a bullet point 3 on p. 35). However, we propose that units should be free to pursue sponsors at the local and/or regional level and that those funds should be kept by the unit because the SLA brand does not help capture local funds. Rather, it is the SLA unit brand that has a unique value to a local or regional business partner. In addition, for collaborative events with other organizations, we propose that the unit keep any funds raised, as again, the SLA brand will not have helped obtain those funds.

In particular, the SLA NY Chapter holds approximately 30 events per year, including three chapter headline events: our membership event, annual meeting, and holiday party. The chapter’s signature events and innovative programming drive membership and fundraising and offer a great return on investment for the chapter as well as a benefit to our members. Although the NY Chapter looks forward to gaining the support of SLA headquarters and to helping our fellow SLA members, it is important to our chapter members that these events and traditions continue.

In summary, for a strategic plan to be successful in the long term there needs to be a measure of autonomy and input at the international level for key chapters and divisions in order to enable them to continue their valuable role as creators of innovative SLA events. Although we are all one SLA, we are unit members as well. We recommend that for a lasting strategic plan to be put in place, there must be a balance created between SLA Headquarters and the innovation and local representation of the units.

Signed by the SLA NY 2015 Executive Board

Marcy Winkler, President
Emma Davidson, President-Elect
Kara Masciangelo, Treasurer
Tom Nielsen, Professional Development
Helen Sobolik, Secretary
Nicole Dupras, Communications Chair
Nick Collison, Past President
Sarah Davis, Mentee
Jeanine McPartlin, Mentee

Select Members of the Advisory Council

Daniel Barron
Clara Cabrera
Vida Cohen
Eric Dillalogue
Sheryl Ramer Gesoff
Rebecca Hahn
Susan Hoover
Lisa Lopez-Terrones
Louise Masarof
Dorothy Nelsen-Gille
Rita Ormsby
Brooke Raymond
Pam Rollo
Donna Severino

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Bridge to Excellence: The Conference


Bridge to Excellence

Issue 6: Conferences

With conference season upon us, the next B2E will be The Conference Issue.

SLA Boston is coming up this month followed by the SLA NY Conference & Expo in September. Join us in exploring the subject of conferences in the information profession both within and outside of SLA.

Your contribution could include:

  • Themes or topics from past or future conferences.
  • Perspectives on preparing for, organizing, or attending a conference.
  • A profile of a compelling speaker, organization, event or session.

We’re looking for a broad range of viewpoints – students, first-timers, professionals, business partners, presenters, organizers, etc. are all welcome.

Ready to join in? Pitch your idea to the Editorial Board at by June 22, 2015.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Daniel Barron

Sheryl Ramer Gesoff

Helen Sobolik 

Co-Editors, Bridge to Excellence (B2E)





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