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2017 SLA-NY Awards Winners!

Happy New Year!

Please join me in congratulating and celebrating the achievements of our 2017 SLA-NY Awards winners, who will be honored during an awards ceremony at our holiday party this Thursday:

Dana Gordon Special Librarian of the Year Award
sponsored by BST America
Clara Cabrera

Honors a professional librarian for outstanding achievement and accomplishments reflecting the shared purpose and goals of the library profession. Dedicated to projects and programs that enhance library service and strengthen the role and position of the library for their community, college or university, school, company, or corporation. Recognizes individual SLA NY Chapter members who have consistently developed innovative and groundbreaking initiatives in their career.

The SLA-NY President’s Award
Tom Eikenbrod

Awarded by the chapter President, this commendation recognizes a member for outstanding contributions that enhanced the association or furthered its goals and objectives.

The Intelligize Grants Honoring Agnes Mattis
Laura Childs and Lindsay Menachemi

Recognizing the retirement of industry giant and friend Agnes Mattis for her decades of accomplishments and contributions, these special grants will be given to two individuals: one graduate of Pratt Institute and one current Pratt student toward their attendance at the 2018 Special Libraries Association conference in Baltimore, Maryland. These grants will honor a library/research professional and a Pratt SILS student for outstanding achievement and accomplishments reflecting the shared purpose and goals of the library profession. These grants will be given to early adopters of technology with a penchant for lifelong learning and giving back to the library/info pro community.

Spotlight Award
Emily Drabinski

Recognizes knowledge professionals for notable and unique contributions during the previous year. NYC-area website founders and bloggers, curators of distinctive collections, solo librarians, mentors and teachers, conference organizers, and other librarians typically working outside the traditional scope of SLA-NY award consideration.

Rising Star Award sponsored by Zignal

Cynthia Schwartz

The chapter version of the SLA’s yearly award presented annually to recognize outstanding new members (five years or less) who contribute greatly to the chapter and show exceptional intuition and leadership.

Committee Member Award
Kelly Johnson and Melissa Heide

Recognizes committee members who’ve gone above and beyond the call during the previous year. Volunteering time, research, fundraising, inspiration, event organization, liaising with partner organizations, and overall passion for the work are just a few of the factors to help determine nominees.

Diversity Award sponsored by Activist Insight
Lisa Lopez

Recognizes a librarian who promotes inclusive practices and considers aspects of diversity both inside and outside the workplace. These aspects can include but are not limited to age, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

The Ellis Mount Scholarship
Rachel Kahn

This scholarship is in memory of our dear friend, colleague, and mentor, Ellis Mount (1921-2012). Ellis Mount was a former SLA-NY Chapter Member and an astute Professor at Columbia’s School of Library Service from 1964-1989. Ellis earned his Doctorate of Library Science at Columbia in 1979. During his career, he served as the Editor of the Sci-Tech Division of the SLA Newsletter and he was the recipient of the following SLA Awards – The Sci-Tech Division Achievement Award (1984), John Cotton Dana Award (1984), and SLA’s Hall of Fame (1991). Professor Mount was an author, co-author, and editor of many major works relating to the profession and he served as a consultant to libraries around the globe.

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