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2014 SLA NY Chapter Award Winners

The SLA NY Awards Committee is pleased to
announce the 2014 SLA NY Chapter Award Winners!

The Mergent Distinguished Service Award: Tom Nielsen

The Mergent Distinguished Service Award serves to recognize members of the New York Chapter who have a track record of long service to the Chapter and also to the Association.

Tom Nielsen has been an essential partner to SLA NY’s professional development endeavors for many years, working most recently as co-chair of the Professional Development committee. Tom works to advance the capability and resourcefulness of his fellow chapter members by planning and executing excellent webinars and in-person events. Always on the lookout for trends in the field, Tom ensures that each and every member of our chapter has the tools they need to find work in the field or excel in the position they already have.  Tom takes the time to listen to each member of our community, and always puts the needs of SLA NY members first.


The Mergent Outstanding Achievement Award: Diversity Committee, Clara Cabrera & Lisa Lopez, co-chairs

The Mergent Outstanding Achievement Award is presented to members of the New York Chapter to recognize recent outstanding work on specific projects and activities (within approximately the last two years). The Outstanding Achievement Award can be given to one person or to  a group of people who worked together on a project.

The Diversity Committee, headed by Clara Cabrera, has demonstrated remarkable resourcefulness in putting together fun, entertaining, and educational programs for SLA NY members. The research each committee member puts behind her events is inspiring.  The Diversity Committee brings new and seasoned chapter members together for free events, a feat in and of itself.  Together, Clara and Lisa have revived this committee and helped it reach its full potential.  They ensure that diversity programming remains the important endeavor for the NY chapter that it should be.


The Dana Gordon Award: B2E Chapter Newsletter board, Rachel Finn, Chris Lillis Meatto & Helen Sobolik

The Dana Gordon Innovation Award was approved by the SLA NY Executive Board in 2012 to honor the memory of Dana Gordon.

Dana Gordon was a long-standing SLA NY and SLA News Division member.  Dana, a consummate professional, was well known for her expertise, creative talent, and enterprising spirit.  Dana’s professionalism was rivaled only by her tremendous enthusiasm for the profession and her generosity in sharing her great store of knowledge with colleagues, staff and students.

The award truly celebrates Dana’s sense of innovation by allowing for a broad range of nominees each year. The award itself would evolve with the times by being available as recognition to:

  • Individual SLA NY Chapter members who have consistently developed innovative and groundbreaking initiatives in their career or as a volunteer of SLA NY
  • SLA NY Committees (and all members thereof) which have created initiatives that break new ground for the chapter and the profession
  • Academic professionals who’ve served as a mentor to both peers and students, and/or developed new information-related curriculum and practices
  • Vendors offering trend-setting services, products, or expertise
  • Professionals in adjunct fields whose ideas and actions further the goals of the chapter and the profession

2014 has been a year of ups and downs for the chapter but one new initiative is proving to be a shining star and that is the revamped chapter newsletter, B2E.  The editorial board has completed two issues so far and both have been impressive.  The articles are timely and informative, focusing on current professional issues like metadata, UX, zine libraries and interviews with chapter members.  Additionally, article topics appeal to our diverse membership, such as Leigh Hallingby’s article on Social Security, Ellis Mount scholarship recipient, Rachel Finn’s report on her Rare Books class, and Kristina Billelo’s survey of online learning opportunities.  And the fact that there are thirteen contributors listed means that members are engaged enough to write an article and participate in the success of this new initiative.  When a chapter program showcases the professional issues members care about, highlights the work of members and engages members into participating, that program has demonstrated a solid foundation to be successful.  We look forward to enjoying the future work of the B2E Editorial Board.


The President’s Award:  Agnes Mattis

The President’s Award recognizes members of the New York Chapter for outstanding contributions to SLA and/or for professional excellence.

Agnes Mattis has served the chapter in many different roles over the years including President of the chapter.  She took her current role as secretary as a favor to the President.  She has proved herself time and again as being indispensable to the President, board and chapter as a whole whether it is providing history and structure to board meetings, serving as a mentor to newer individuals serving on both the board and advisory council and providing space for the annual meeting and other SLA NY events for many years.  We don’t know where we would be without her.


SLA NY Awards Committee

Janet Peros, Chair, Matt Brown, Meredith Brown, Stacey Pilson

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